Corporate Gifting Ideas for Diwali

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As we all know the festival season is getting started, we are here to talk about it. Most importantly let’s get into our all time favourite Diwali, the festival of lights.
Diwali Festival is all about celebrations, togetherness and prosperity. But an exciting part of our corporate culture is gifting to our customers, clients and employees. Gifting on an occasion like Diwali symbolises good luck and prosperity.The meaningful corporate gifts are an unsaid part of every company as an encouragement.
Finding an ideal gift for employees and customers can be a task as well as time consuming.

And to solve these corporate gifting confusions, Here we are “Tiny Mammoth” the corporate gift suppliers. The essence of our company’s name Tiny Mammoth is that we make sure to fulfill the Tiny (smallest) to Mammoth (huge) requirements of our customers.We help businesses to create touch points with employees, clients and customers through gift giving. And make it easy for the companies to appreciate their employees and customers.
Companies should know the importance of corporate gifting as it’s a huge marketing tool.
The most important thing about gifting is the quality of the product. Our company focuses on quality & not on selling products as much as possible. This is because Customer satisfaction is what ultimately matters for us.
If it’s not what ppl like, want or keep then it’s a complete waste of money. Spending on right corporate gifts can help the cos. Connect with employees. employees will keep it for long and make use of it. This is a great customer experience.
We use a uniform corporate gifting idea which creates a connection between the employees even though they don’t know each other. This is powerful in building unity. After receiving these, Especially new Employees feel that they are part of the family.

If you are planning to present a gift to your employees this Diwali, but don’t know what to give? We are here to help you. Gift should always be handy and meaningful, so that it can be treasured forever. Here are some unique corporate gift ideas for Diwali which can be opted by any companies.


Light is essential in Diwali because it signifies brightness, purity, goodness and power. The presence of light means the removal of darkness. As Diwali is celebrated on new moon day in the darkness everywhere; people light diyas and candles to brighten the festival. Scented candles add aroma to the surroundings. As we decorate our homes & workplaces with lights, it’s a good option to gift candles and put charm in the faces.

Exotic Dry Fruits

When nothing flashes to mind, this gift becomes a superb helper. Dry Fruits contain rich vitamins and proteins and improve health faster. So commonly, Gifting dry fruits is a symbol of wishing for good health. Dry fruits add Crunchy, sweet & tasty moments to your employees and customers in this festive season.

Gourmet gift sets

Gourmet gift consists of products that are of the highest quality and special which makes your gifting experience unique. They add a surprising feel to your employees and of course a great experience.

Desk accessories

Probably working people spend most of their time at their desk. Making your desk space a bit special, Adding some new accessories to the desk is a good purpose. During Diwali, gifting Desk accessories makes them work energetic and easy.

Jackets/ t shirt
As we love to wear new clothes at festivals, During Diwali gifting clothes like jackets or T-shirts is a smart idea. It’s a known fact that Diwali comes in winter, as the Jacket keeps warm and It is much more useful for the cold season.

Travel accessories

To freshen up the mind, travelling is the best solution. In life, Collecting beautiful memories is more important than collecting things. Good Travel accessories make the travel experience fantastic. Gifting these accessories encourages employees to regain their energy to work more effectively.

Chocolate Box

A box full of yummy chocolates is the perfect gift idea for Diwali. This gift idea signifies ‘A Box full of sweetness adding happiness into life’. It’s common to eat something sweet at festivals. Chocolates are a great gift as they are loved by everyone.

Electronic Items

Electronic items are very popular and easy to gift on any occasion. While gifts symbolise happiness, the choice of Diwali gift should always be satisfying and useful. Electronic gadgets are one time spending items which help the employees to perform their work more efficiently.

Personalised Gifts

Personalised gifts are getting trendy. Recently, people like customised gifts as it adds a personal touch. Whether it’s a coffee mug, bottle, cap or pen, personalised gifts are a great way of expressing gratitude to employees.

Eco friendly gifts

What if we make our mother nature happy while giving gifts to our employees. As they are made of organic & natural ingredients, they don’t harm the environment. These eco-friendly gifting ideas give a Go-green social awareness by preventing pollution & nature harms. Plant saplings & Jute bags are some of the eco-friendly gifts for Diwali.

Gifting on occasions like Indian festivals specially during Diwali is a way of expressing love and appreciation to your staff and employees or even customers. Hope these Diwali gifting ideas will guide you to find perfect corporate gifts and add happiness to the special celebration. We wish you to enlighten the festive season with love and affection.

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