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3 In 1 Letter Opener

– Safe and easy to use - Ruler length: 3.5 inches - Handy magnifying glass to help with fine text/objects - Excellent product for office use

Axle multi Purpose Tumbler

– Stylish tumbler with 4 side branding area for your table – Spacious tumbler with 4 stylish partitions to organise better – Useful in kitchen, office tables, bathroom holder, and many other places – Partition is detachable for cleaning or holding large items – Made of high quality, durable plastic

Bamboo Music Amplifier

– Bamboo Music amplifier for your smartphone – Just place phone, and instantly enjoy enhanced sound – Made from Eco-friendly, 100% natural bamboo – Each speaker is unique and different as it is made from unprocessed material – No bluetooth or power source needed – Anti-tilting inclined stand – Handmade sound amplifier works through passive sound amplification – Great for hands-free calls and skype

Folding Paper Cube

-Very functional design, folds to save space – Excellent branding area on 6 sides – Even when open, printing is visible from the back – Contains multi-color memo strips and writing pads – Has an in-built tumbler to store your stationary